Thursday, January 24, 2013

Five minute doll shirt tutorial

My first ever tutorial! I'm not saying this has never been done before, but I actually thought of it myself, so that counts as something, I think. For Christmas, we bought our daughter an 18" doll  (Journey girl from Toys R Us) and I made her a bunch of clothes to go with it. I'm still very much in the beginning stages of my sewing, so I wanted something quick and easy. I nailed it with this. Seriously five minutes for just the top, and only a few more to make the skirt attachment. I'll show how to make a dress another day.

My baby girl is 3 now, but I still had a bunch of her newborn outfits. We're not planning on any more babies, but those little clothes are so hard to get rid of! I like that we still have them around, but they are actually serving a function rather than taking up closet space.
All you need is a onsie, scissors, and sewing machine (or needle and thread)!

Cut bottom snaps off onsie. I'll show you two different things I did. Here I tried it on, and cut it higher up.

Pull one end until it's snug against the doll, and then repeat with the other side so that they are overlapping. Pin in place.

stitch a straight line
Voila! That's it!
it's not the greatest fit ever, but it serves its purpose well! Because they were made for a baby's big head, the material is stretchy and there's no problem getting it on and off.

this is the other half of the onsie (minus the snaps). I added an elastic band, and attached a skirt. I just need to add ribbons for the shoulders to be finished (turns out tube tops don't work well on dolls)!

Here's another dress. Poor quality sewing (I wanted to see if pins were really necessary, answer: yes). For this one, I cut right above the snaps, so it's a lot longer than the striped one. I also could have pulled this one a little tighter.

and here, I did the same thing to a preemie outfit, to make some little pj's.

and one more, because she's just too cute :)
*This being my first time try to explain myself, please let me know if anything is unclear or I'm missing any steps. Thanks!

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  1. Such a cute idea...and very resourceful! Reminds me of when I was a mom use to keep a bag of old clothes in the garage for me and my siblings to use and make our own Barbie Doll clothes. I credit that for spawning my love for homemade creativity! I love my mom for that :)

    Thanks for stopping by The Doily Duck! I am a new follower of yours!!!