Friday, February 1, 2013

Pants to skirt!

This is my new favorite project. I am in love with how simple, resourceful, and cute this skirt is. Allie always seem to outgrow her pants in length before the waist, so this gives extra life to too short or holey pants.

Jean pants to skirt tutorial
adapted from All About You
1 pair jean pants
45 x 4in.  piece of fabric
  45 x 6in.  piece of coordinating fabric
(I used these measurements for the blue skirt, for the pink fabric I did the same lengths, but did widths of 4" and 5" so they'd be closer together)

1. Find an old pair of pants that still fit around the waist, and cut right above the crotch:
hem the bottom of each of your fabrics, for this skirt I did a zigzag in contrasting color:
Ruffle your fabric. For my skirt I set the tension & stitch length to the highest number and it made a perfect size ruffle for a 3t skirt.
If you're doing a different size skirt, you may have to gather the ruffle by hand to make it fit right. Here's a good tutorial if you need one.
stitch the ends of the fabric together (make sure the bottoms line up!)
Pin  the fabric upside down and wrong side up to the very bottom of the skirt:
I have learned my lesson about the importance of pins! The more you use, the better this project goes!
if you know for certain that you'll be adding ribbon on top at the very end, you can pin the fabric right side up, but you'll have to add something over (by pinning upside down you can leave it as is)
(what it will look like if pinned right-side-up)
Stitch above your previous stitch line:
If your new stitch falls behind the 1st line you made, it will show up on your skirt!
pin your second ruffle right above the first one (upside down again, and make sure to stitch above the line!)
iron the ruffles down at the point where they attach to the skirt. This will make them lay flat.
At this point, you're skirt is ready!
If you like, you can add a piece of ribbon along the top of the fabric you added, so it would look something like this:
This was a pair of horribly fitting capris in a bin going to Goodwill, and now it is something that we'll actually get lots of use out of. Love this!



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