Friday, June 21, 2013

Weekly Grocery Shopping

I've gotten a little bit away from the original intent of this blog, which is healthy eating. I think the move back in March killed all the progress I'd made.

So. Here's this weeks goal was to get as much fresh produce as possible. (Note, I do have frozen chicken and other staples like rice, flour, ect.) A few positive changes that have happened: the amount of cereal being purchased has dropped  dramatically. We went from four boxes a week to maybe four a month. Cutting that out saves a lot of money, since we don't need as much milk either. I've also almost completely cut ground beef from our diet. (That used to be our main source of meat. To be fair, this was axed mainly because beef prices are really high where we are.) My goal for this month is to cut down the amount of processed lunch meat we buy, since we go through that very quickly, and it's full of icky stuff.

Today I spent $86, and yesterday I bought an 4 pound bag of frozen strawberries at Walmart for $8. That's $94 for this week. 
dairy: $16.50

bread: $6.50

I found that chicken on sale for $1.50! My score for the day :) eggs- $.99 each

misc: $16ish

around $43 for the rest of the produce + commissary surcharges

overripe bananas at 20 cents a pound!

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