Monday, August 19, 2013

Bathroom update

We recently made a few changes to the kids bathroom. We're renting, so painting is not an option. Our before bathroom was so bland and...blah. I'm not huge into kids themed bathrooms, and while I wanted something cute, I didn't want anything too cutsie (if that makes sense). Anyways, I've had a few people ask about the specifics, so thought I'd post it here!

Bathrooms are hard to photograph, but here's the "before"
see? Blah.

First thing I did was order a ruffled shower curtain. The first one I ever saw was this beauty from Anthropologie. Alas, $118 was way more than I could justify spending on a shower curtain for the kids. I spent a lot of time searching for one that was in our price range. I finally came across this one for only $30 including shipping.

next up was the little silhouettes. I painted some small canvas' I had black (you can see the edges a little) then cut out white scrapbook paper to size and glued it on there. Next I took pictures of my kids profiles (this was the hardest part!) the printed the pictures, cut their heads out, laid them on top of black paper, traced around, then cut them out again, and glued them. Simple!
Finally, we have a projector, so my husband  made the Eiffel Tower for me using that, cardboard, and a little spray paint. I know most people don't have a projector, so we got lucky on that one.

So there it is! $30 for the curtain, $1.50 for paper had a huge impact on this little space. Everything else we already had around the house!

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  1. I love what you did with the bathroom!! The silhouettes are adorable and I'm really liking the Eiffel Tower too. :)

    Will be following you along from now on - maybe I'll learn something! I'm incredibly inept at anything home decor.