Saturday, January 12, 2013

Shopping day

I am so far behind. Sick babies all. week. long. Anyways, here's last weeks grocery trip. Total for last week was $120. I bulked up on bathroom supplies though ($20, not pictured), so I just plan on making it up later in the month (my goal is $100 or less a week). I'll post a few recipes from the week later on. I also can't find the second receipt, so I estimated the prices.
I think what would really help is if I did less trips to the store. This week I ended up making two, and each time wound up with stuff I really didn't need (crispy chicken strips...). I've tried doing that before, and failed, but maybe next time I'll try a little harder.
Trip 1: $46.
meat: $13
3 lbs blueberries: $8.20
cheeses: $6
yogurt & icecream: $5.50
salsa & muffin mixes: $3.00
produce: $8
Product shout-out: The Greek Gods' Honey & Strawberry. Yum.
trip 2 : $54

tilapia (x2): $6.50
tomato sauces: $4.50

 dairy&eggs: $7
bread(x2): $4
bathroom items: $8
cereal: $2
other non-perishables: $12
produce: $13.50

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